The Cryotech Advantage

The Cryotec Method

Cryotech Vitrification is suitable and superiorly used for oocytes, blastocysts, and cleavage stage embryos, and achieve 100% survival rates. A technology devised by the world acclaimed Vitrification Master – Dr. Masashige Kuwayama, he brings 100% to vitrification.

Cryotech Kit

Dr. Kuwayama, inventor of a number of conventional vitrification methods, identified the weaknesses of the most popular imperfect vitrification method, which was the latest at the time, with about 90% survival rates. He then made 18 modifications to it in order to overcome all of the weaknesses of his previous technique, which were also the main causes of egg loss: Thus, the Cryotec Method was born. Safest and most effective in the industry, the Cryotec Method enabled anyone to achieve the best possible outcome without mistake, regardless of their experience or knowledge of vitrification.

The Advantage

  • Cryotec Method It is the most trustable method of cryopreservation. This open style method is recognized as easy, simple and repeatable for all.
  • Cryotec is a special device that allows to minimize the volume that will be cool and warm with a result up to 100% of survival for oocytes and all the stage of pre-implantation embryos.
  • It has a plastic cap to protect oocytes and embryos of physical damages and contaminations of any kind during the storage in liquid nitrogen.
  • Today, with major improvement of the solutions, and with new designed vitri/warm plates, final perfect vitrification method, called “CryoTec Method” was completed.
  • It is perfectly effective and highly clean. It’s the simplest protocol.

Everyone can get 100% post-warm survival for oocytes, embryos and blastocysts, and the highest pregnancy rate!